Dead Milkmen - Life Is Shit

I ran into a friend of mine
said was gonna take some words
and make them rhyme I said you can
fool some of the people some of
the time, but you can only fool
half the people half the time

He "Yes I do believe this is
true. Would you like to go sniff
some glue? We'll fly to where
the skys are blue and look
for things both bright and true"
And on a pretty Sunday morning
a bunch of pretty Baptist girls
linked ther pretty hands and sang:

Life is shit, life is shit
The world is shit, the world is shit
and this is life as I know it.
this is life as I know it.

And in the sky I saw Richard Nixon
smoking a lacey with Mr. Dickson
He said "Son there's something
I must say I do not believe I've
found a better way" And then a
vision came and it look a lot
like Bob Crane. And Bob sang:


And when my friend and I were
done we went to rest upon the
sun 'cause life takes from us
the things, we love and robs us
of the special ones and puts
them where where we can't climb
and we only miss them all the time
And we sing:


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