Dead Milkmen - In Praise Of Sha Na Na

Sha Na Na were the kings of Woodstock
You know it's true deep in your heart
Greasy guys in gold lamae
If only Hendrix had been so smart
Pete Townshend wouldn't be so deaf
If he had followed Sha Na Na's advice
and played some fifties do-wop songs
That even your mom would think are nice

Keith and Janis went away
But Sha Na Na are here to stay
I don't care about Joan Baez
But Sha Na Na can wear my fez

Sha Na Na were the kings of the sixties
Deep in your heart you know it's true
All those lids are Berkley dressed like Bowser
They didn't like the Stones or the Who
Sha Na Na didn't need no flower power
They didn't drive a yellow submarine
But they were the ones who called the shots
Yeah, Sha Na na really made the scene

Sha Na Na..killed Kennedy
Sha Na Na..stabbed that guy at Altamont
Sha Na Na..started the Peace Corps
Sha Na Na..were the first astronauts
Sha Na Na..grew organic food
Sha Na Na..led student sit-ins
Sha Na Na..joined the Black Panthers
Sha Na Na..never seemed to fit in

You can move to Montana and listen to Santana
But you still won't be as cool as Sha Na Na

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