Gallows - Come Friendly Bombs

Black knuckles and broken teeth
Grey days and grey streets
Same old faces that same release
If this town had a new name it would be defeat
So sick of waking up to white skies
Can't stand the look in everybody's eyes
They want to kick my fucking head in just to feel alive
Do you wanna go?
I wanna go
Black knuckles and broken teeth
I've got more fillings that butchers beef
We're not the someone's you and me
If we were the someone's
I'll draw this knife across my throat and bleed it dry
Black knuckles and broken teeth
I know your face from early last week
About eleven I was walking home
Down a fucking alley I was on my own
So sick of trouble from these hearts
Can't take my breathing in the fucking dark
Too bad this mongrel's got a bite worse that his bark

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