Lil Wayne - Yeezy Sneakers

Dedication 6, ah, ah (see normally this is what I would say like that we go on) (gangsta, gangsta)
This that six shit
Ah, Dedication 6 (but really we just have fun)
Dedication 6, ah, ah
This that six shit (this is pub one)
Ah, Dedication 6 (DatPiff dot com, world premiere)
Ah, ah ah (Gangsta Rizzeal)

You ain't gotta lie to me (now)
But you might have to lie for me (hello)
You might have to trap for me (do it)
You know I got mouths to feed (woo)
You know they got bitches that'd die to be (hello)
The bitch that'll die for me
Strap doves to a body and fly to me (yeah yeah)
But you get too high to me (yo Brody)

And you don't even believe in Yeezus (uh)
Why you wearin' Yeezy sneakers?
She ain't never swallowed semen (uh)
I don't even believe her speeches
You can't even keep a secret (hello)
Why you have Victoria Secret? (Uh)
You don't even believe in peace (uh)
I'm fuckin' you with both my fingers (uh uh uh uh)

Baby I'm out your league, bitch (oh)
You know there's no more me's bitch (hello)
You need to show more cleavage
V-neck polo tees, bitch
You need to patch your weave, bitch
You need to pack your things, bitch
You on some "I had a dream" shit
It's back to reality, bitch
She don't even roll the weed
All she do is roll her eyes
All she know is social media
We don't even socialize
I feel like North Korea
Even though we oceanside
All I say is "mamma mia"
She don't even know her moms
All she say is "this your pussy"
She say that to most of the guys
She don't even know it's dry
I can't even open fire
She don't even close her eyes (uh uh)
She don't even close the blinds (uh uh)
She spit all over the D
I'm sticky like porcupines
She don't even compromise
I still make her cum three times
I still make her snort some lines
And make her look so surprised
I still make her recognize
Make her exercise to a sexier size
Then I tell her how to tell better lies
Now her extra guys think she never lie
We got a better bond, we have a better time
She got a wetter pond
I cum ahead of time and a second time
And in record time, I'm a New Orleans nigga
I make a second line, I'm a Megatron
I got her legs up like the Omega sign
And I know she rollin' 'cause I checked her tires
Then I checked her eyes, she a little rough around the edges, fine
Like Checkers fries
And the X was mine
She requested five
So I gave her two and told her stretch the high
We had sex 'til nine, ate breakfast tired
Fell asleep eye to eye, thigh on thigh
Then she woke up high like "oh my God" and tried to rectify
But if you naked, why?
If you mesmerized, be mesmerized
If you scared to love, I'm death-defyin'
Got to make your mind, I'ma make the guap
Got to take your time, I'ma take the shot
I'ma wake the block, I'ma break the lock
Then rape your thought, then shake the spot
I'ma shake your hand when I see you out
I'ma shake my head when you turn around
Cops shake they head when they see your house
We shot it up, but look like we burned it down
Hor horror scene, bitch
Everyday Halloween, bitch (yeah)
Kidnap, hide and seek, bitch (yeah)
I'm a legend like Socrates, bitch (yeah)
I aim at your collard green, bitch
Bada boom, bada bing, bitch
I'm lookin' for a solid, clean bitch
I told her, look, honestly, bitch (hello)

You ain't gotta lie to me (down)
But you might have to lie for me (down)
You might have to trap for me (down)
You know I got mouths to feed
You know they got bitches that'll die to be (hello)
The bitch that'd die for me (hello)
Stickin' to a nigga like Siamese
And you just on the side of me

And you don't even like Adidas (woah woah)
Why you wearin' Yeezus sneakers? (Bitch)
She ain't never had a threesome (hello)
I don't even believe her speeches (bitch)
She don't even believe in freedom (woah)
But all she givin' me is freebies (god damn)
You don't even believe in peace
I'm fuckin' her with both my fingers

Six shit
To be continued (to be continued)
D6 (D6)

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