Raheem Devaughn - Until

Now to understand the struggle
To understand paying dues
And the pain of my people and your people, all around the globe
You gotta feel me
Listen to the music, use it

What you know about juggling jobs and struggling hard and chasing dreams
What you know about having no car and rent being due and no bling bling
What you know about sacrificing all your wants for all your needs
What you know about loving your child, just to find out it ain't your seed

Until you know my joy, know my pain, and know my struggles
Until you've walked these shoes, paid my dues, and felt my troubles
Until you've shared my tears, known my fears, in all my years
Only till then, you only know what you think you know

What you know about hittin' that block and dodging them cops to make ends meet
What you know about the lights being off, the gas being off and no food to eat
What you know about Goodwill clothes, while all your friends dressed fly in junior high
What you know about Grandma's words when she said One day, boy, you're gonna shine

[Chorus: x2]

What you know about writing late at night, by candlelight till the shit is tight
What you know about late night prayers, and late night tears, hoping God (tell me what you know)
What you know about earning your keep, because you don't bend, break, or ask
Don't you know the last'll be first (Hey) and the first will be last

[Chorus: x3]

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